Sarah and John


Deer Valley Resort-Orfuss and Kerns

WEDDING DAY: September 2, 2012
EVENT PLANNER: Soiree Productions /PHOTOS: Pepper Nix Photography
CEREMONY/RECEPTION VENUE: Deer Valley Resort Lodge,Park City Utah


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Hey World, Meet My Friend

My dear friend is moving back to Vancouver. I can tell you already that I am going to miss her, her son Jett and husband Jeff. It’s just  one of those things that happened.  I really didn’t think they would move. Now that they are packed and on their way, I find myself a little heartbroken. Let me introduce you to her and her amazing work. Her name is Brenna Quan AIFD. In the winter of 2008, Brenna and I formed Kado, a special events and a floral school studio. We put lot of heart and soul into the project and as time went on, lots of life happenings happened. On a personal note, I was recovering from my 2nd relapse of TTP and Brenna became pregnant with Jett. The economy was doing all sorts of twists and tumble and the event scene was at its low. The last time I saw this uncertainty was after the September 11 attacks. Even through it all, we managed it with a lot of passion and sweat we were able to produce many remarkable events. We made new friends and were always together. Everyone thought we were sisters and although strange, one designer thought we were mother and daughter. Well that’s the great thing about having a partner. We can laugh at that and experience wonderful things together. Here’s a great collection of our work together and if you are in Vancouver or anywhere else that matters, she is available for freelance work. She is also available for travel. By the way, she’s the gorgeous one on the left.

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Featured: Kate and Drew

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect bride and mother of bride combo than the lovelies, Kate and Heather Lovell. They were absolutely wonderful to work with and I was delighted to be a part of the special day. Thanks to Mara of Events by LMG, Britt Chudleigh, for wonderful photos and details and Salt Lake/Park City Bride for featuring the wedding in the latest summer issue.


Flowers used were Hydrangeas, Privet, Bersilia Berries, Black eye Star of Bethlehem, Anemones, Pussy willow. We used Manzanita branches to create the armature/chandelier with hanging votives.


Venue: Salt Lake Hardware Building,  Catering: Culinary Crafts, Event Planning: Events by LMG, Photography: Chudleigh Photography, Cake: Layers Cake, Invitations: Pink Piggy Design, Bridal Gown: Alta Moda Bridal


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METHOD-Product Design

I have this saying at work and I know everyone is sick of it, but here I go again. CONSISTENCY. I’ll preach it to anyone who will listen and realized I haven’t done a great job in implementing it. But as anyone can tell, I am not consistent with my blog posts. I’m trying but trust me, I have heard it all. Hootsuite, Tweet deck, and I even hired  a copy editor and she knows how well that’s going. (My fault!) Seriously there’s too much pressure, so to be a better example I am going to be consistent with my blog post. Especially with this new series called, METHOD. It is a behind the scenes look at the creative process. This is by far the #1 question I get asked about wherever I go. And if I’m not being consistent, please make me by all means necessary.


A quick glimpse into a display piece I designed where  that idea was conceived  on paper and sketched up by colored markers . The permanent floral arrangements were to be  displayed throughout the shopping mall.

Due to time constraints, the floral elements used were examples only. However for the mockup, I used all fresh product, flowers included Phalaenopsis orchid stems, Dogwood branches, Gloriosa lilies, and Calla lilies.

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Asia Tour: Hong Kong

Where do I begin to describe my recent trip to Hong Kong? Amazing and life-changing for sure. I had a great time and after 2 weeks back, I finally had the chance to go through all of the pictures, all 1265 of them. Thank you for being patient and if I could have taken you all to  Hong Kong with me, I would have.

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Feature Friday: Danielle and Rhyan

By now, you  probably have seen this wedding feature on Snippet and Ink as well as Utah Bride Blog but I just couldn’t decide which pictures to post.

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Feature Friday: Victorian Bridals

There is a period of time in our history dubbed “Orchidelirium.”


During this Victorian era, wealthy collectors would hire explorers to travel to nearly every part of the world in search of new varieties of orchids to collect and show off.

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Destined to Create: Designate A Design Time


Recently a dear friend asked me what was my earliest recollection of creativity. I had never thought
about it, but at that moment I answered “weeds.”

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Feature Friday: Lush Purple

Today we want to share with you this beautiful shoot from Nick Sokoloff. The client wanted a bold, dramatic look, which we achieved through the use of deep purple orchids, black magic roses, and richly textured elements.

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